Vacuum Coolers

VacuumVacuum Coolers used for cooling of produce is the best method of removing the field heat, prior to storage. We have developed an innovative, almost fully automatic method of vacuum cooling. This requires minimal labour to operate, and maximises the throughput for any given machine size.

We design and build to suit individual needs. This enables selection of machinery to suit particular requirements, rates of cooling and types of produce. We can even build in the ability to add size to a cooler to take into account future growth of a business, but not the larger initial cost of a large machine at the beginning.

Vacuum cooling is most efficient for cooling green leafy vegetables, but some other produce can be cooled with the addition of “wet” cycles. For instance broccoli can be cooled in a vacuum cooler, much more rapidly than in a cool room, when cooled in a “wet” cycle.

Lettuce of all types are most suitable for vacuum cooling. Typical cycle times for lettuce are from just below 20 minutes to perhaps 25 minutes. The final temperature is usually in the order of 0.5 to 2.0 degrees C.

Benefits of Vacuum Cooling are due to the much more rapid removal of the field heat. This then allows a longer shelf life for the product. It has been suggested that for every hour less taken in the cooling of lettuce, adds an extra day of shelf life.