Design & Install

Design and InstallDesign & Install - Fridge Air are specialists in the field of design & Installation and clearly understand each client has various individual requirements. Many of our clients have approached us with a concept they would like to implement. Our Engineering team will sit down with our client and propose various options from a design and cost point of view.

We work on proposing the best economic outcome for our client. Once a decision is made on the most economical system, we then commence design. Continuing contact/updates and communication is ongoing with our client throughout the design period, initial construction would likely commence as we complete design.

A senior Engineer would be allocated to your particular project so that communication and reporting is swift and precise. Meetings throughout the installation stage would be held. From design to installation and then testing we are then in a position to hand over the new project to our client. Handing the new project to our client does not finish our role, we then provide ongoing customer service, our goal is to maintain clients for the long term.